Google Summer of Code

The FOSSi Foundation regularly particulates in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) as umbrella organization. In this way we enable experienced community members to mentor students while the FOSSi Foundation takes care of the administrative parts of GSoC.

Project ideas

Around January each year we ask our community members for project ideas they’d like to mentor. These ideas are then collected and published.

If you are a mentor and would like to change a project description please open an issue or pull request.

FOSSi Foundation GSoC House Rules

The internet is full of material regarding GSoC, and most questions are answered somewhere already. We especially recommend these documents:

In addition we at the FOSSi Foundation have developed a couple “house rules” which are outlined below. We expect all students and mentors to adhere to them.

Mentor availability

Students are expected to work full-time, at least 30 hours a week, on their project for the whole GSoC duration.

Each proposed project needs to have two mentors with at least 2h per week available for the whole duration of the project.


Students are expected to talk about their project publicly. At least one blog post (or video, or mailing list status update) per evaluation period, normal expectation is one a week. Blogs can be in the student's personal blog, the project blog, or guest posts on

Mentors are expected to discuss help students write their blog posts, and check that they are provided in time. Not doing so is a reason to fail an evaluation!


Students are required to complete evaluations in time, as per Google guidelines.

Mentors need to have student evaluations ready at least 48 hours before the deadlines in the GSoC timeline.


Students need to be available for mentors in a timely manner, and let mentors know if they will be unavailable for longer periods of time.

Mentors need to respond to emails from the FOSSi Foundation GSoC org admins in a reasonable timeframe.

Contact and Questions

If you are a student and have questions regarding the FOSSi Foundation GSoC projects, get in touch with the mentors listed on the project ideas page, or write an email to the discussion mailing list at

If you have a specific question for the GSoC organizers at the FOSSi Foundation please speak to Olof, Philipp, or Stefan (contact information).

Thanks to Lena Alm for creating the nice infographic icons on this page!

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