Week of Open Source Hardware

June 11 to 14, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland, at ETH Zurich

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The Week of Open Source Hardware (WOSH) will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, from June 11 to June 14, 2019. During the first two days the RISC-V workshop takes places and focuses on the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture. The FOSSi Foundation and the Pulp team, with the support of H2020 projects Eurolab4HPC and OPRECOMP are organizing a FREE complementary program that covers topics around free and open source silicon, its licensing and open source EDA tools. While those events are organizationally decoupled from the RISC-V workshop, it gives free and open source silicon enthusiasts the chance to gather and discuss throughout an entire week.

WOSH will take place at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering in the center campus of ETH Zurich. The address is Gloriastrasse 35. Please find directions on how to get to the venue here. You can also find some help on getting around in Zürich.

Videos from WOSH are now available on our YouTube channel in the Week of Open Source Hardware playlist. Links to recordings of each talk is with their titles and abstracts.

Tuesday, June 11 all-day RISC-V workshop
Wednesday, June 12 all-day RISC-V workshop
Thursday, June 13 all-day RISC-V membership meetings
morning Open Source Licensing
Tutorial: Understanding and working with PULP
afternoon Challenges and opportunities for using Open Source Hardware in the academia and in the industry (by Eurolab4HPC)
Workshop: OpenPiton+Ariane by Princeton Parallel Group
evening Fantastic standing dinner at the Faculty Restaurant of ETH Zürich with ample opportunity for networking.
Friday, June 14 morning The path towards high quality FOSSi IP
Tutorial: Open-ISA.org
Tutorial: Pulp HERO
afternoon Open Source EDA tools
Tutorial: GAP8 by Greenwaves

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FOSSi Foundation events are free to attend! Anyhow, you must register, so that we can plan better.

Important: The RISC-V workshop is not free of charge and you must buy tickets from the website!

We ask all WOSH participants to adhere to the the FOSSi Foundation code of conduct throughout the event.

Professional Tickets

Attendees who are joining us at WOSH on behalf of their company and/or can claim the conference as professional training expense are encouraged to purchase a professional ticket. These ticket sales help us provide all that we do at WOSH and keep the event accessible to all members of the community.

Professional tickets are £250 (+sales tax if applicable) and can by bought here via the PayPal button below or by email.

Open Source Licensing

The licensing of free and open source silicon IP has been a major discussion throughout the past 20 years. While the basic principles of free and open source software licenses are transferrable to silicon, there are also many differences. The proprietary nature of the design process and commercial IP in this field is a burden that we want to discuss in this session.

Challenges and opportunities for using Open Source Hardware in the academia and in the industry

RISC-V has been getting a lot of attention recently and has been a great driving force behind the recent resurgence of open source hardware. Companies love the idea to have a royalty-free processor and academia likes it since it serves as an excellent vehicle for teaching, student projects and research. However, RISC-V only defines the ISA, and more is needed to use it successfully in a system. Particularly there are questions about

  1. Availability of interconnect solutions and peripherals for RISC-V cores
  2. Compatibility between different implementations
  3. Design environment to develop applications on RISC-V systems
  4. How to make a business case around open source hardware

Eurolab4HPC-2 consortium aims to advocate and help using open source hardware and software for education, innovation and in industry. For that purpose, this workshop put together people from the academia, industry and the business world in order to present and discuss the pros and cons of using open source hardware and how we can help its success.

The path towards high quality FOSSi IP

Free and Open Source Silicon IP has been developed and deployed for over two decades now. But yet, it can be observed that there are still only a relatively small number of projects that attract permanent attention and are able to sustainably deliver high-quality IP. In this session we want to discuss what factors are the most important to foster and grow the community. This covers technical and organizational topics, such as continuous integration, documentation, community building and growth, and marketing.

Open Source EDA Tools

Design tools are important for the development and implementation of free and open source silicon. Over the last years a boom of open source EDA tools has been an important factor in the adoption and growth of the community. In this session you will learn about the latest developments and participate in the discussion about future directions of this important field.


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