The FOSSi Foundation seeks sponsors to help our mission of supporting the community, open source design reuse, standards, and licensing.

We are continually aiming to improve and scale up our activities, such as LibreCores, our conferences, our GSoC mentorship participation, and our committees.

You can find more information about sponsoring the FOSSi Foundation on our sponsorship page.

We extend an enormous thanks to everyone who has contributed to our mission.

Gold (€10,000 - €20,000)
Silver (€5,000 - €10,000)

Tired of developing the same hardware block again and again? The FOSSi Foundation helps projects to build on top of well-tested components and focus on what makes a difference. We bring developers together and are making hardware blocks easier to discover through LibreCores. Sponsor the FOSSi Foundation today to help us in this quest!

Bronze (€1,000 - €5,000)

How easy is hiring hardware designers for you? The FOSSi Foundation helps developers to learn and grow to become first-class hardware designers. Sponsor the FOSSi Foundation today to help us in this quest!

Past sponsors

The FOSSi Foundation is thankful to have been sponsored by the following organizations and individuals in the past: Embecosm (Gold), Cadence Academic Network (Silver), OSH Park (Bronze), and IMEC (Bronze).

We have also received individual donations from Peter Gielda, Julius Baxter, John Eaton, Chris Higgs, and Stefan Wallentowitz.

Recent activity

13 Sep 2022 » El Correo Libre Issue 54
Cocotb 1.7 Gets You From Zero to Testing Quicker Than Ever The cocotb project. the Python-based coroutine cosimulation test bench..... more

11 Aug 2022 » GSoC Class of 2022
The FOSSi Foundation is happy to introduce our Google Summer of Code Class of 2022 projects. This year we are..... more

09 Aug 2022 » El Correo Libre Issue 53
OpenMPW Programme Expands to 90nm, Adds a PDK from GlobalFoundries The Google-funded OpenMPW programme, launched in partnership with silicon fab..... more

12 Jul 2022 » El Correo Libre Issue 52
Google’s Johan Euphrosine Puts “Silicon Notebooks” in the Cloud Google developer programmes engineer Johan Euphrosine and colleagues have been working..... more

14 Jun 2022 » El Correo Libre Issue 51
Google Launches Resource Portal for Building Open Silicon Google, as part of its partnership with Efabless and Skywater Technologies on..... more

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