Open Source Silicon with RISC-V

In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, FOSSi Foundation organizes a community event in Munich, 23.3.2017, 16.00h - 19.00h

The RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) has gained a lot of attention recently, for example as the “Analyst’s Choice: Technology of the Year 2016” of the Linley Group. It was originally designed to support research and education, but is on the path to become the open standard architecture for industry. The RISC-V ISA is free and open, designed by professionals and allows custom extensions. It is now governed by the RISC-V Foundation with many industry members. Among the emerging open implementations, lowRISC aims at creating a fully open-sourced, Linux-capable, RISC-V-based SoC. lowRISC is a flagship example for the advances of Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi).

In this afternoon event the creators of RISC-V and lowRISC will provide an overview of their projects. Beside that the FOSSi Foundation will give a brief overview of open-source digital hardware and its related activities.

Location: TU München, Lecture Hall N1179, Theresienstraße 90, 80333 München

There also are “Birds of a Feather” sessions on Friday.

The event is free to attend, but please register here for better planning.

RISC-V: Instruction Sets Want to Be Free

Krste Asanović, University of California, Berkeley

The free and open RISC-V ISA has seen recent uptake around the world. This talk will cover the technical features of the RISC-V ISA design , which has the goals of scaling from the tiniest implementations for IoT up to the largest warehouse-scale computers, with support for extensive customization. The talk will also cover the governance of the RISC-V ISA, in particular the setup of the RISC-V Foundation. More information


Rob Mullins, Alex Bradbury, University of Cambridge

The lowRISC platform aims to be the “Linux of the hardware world”, providing a high quality, secure, and open base for derivative designs. Our goal is to lower the barrier of entry to producing custom silicon, establishing a vibrant ecosystem around secure and open hardware designs. lowRISC was formed as a not-for-profit community-driven organisation to pursue these aims. This talk will explore our current status and roadmap, describing our novel platform features such as tagged memory and minion cores. More information:

Free and Open Source Silicon

Stefan Wallentowitz, Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation

The FOSSi Foundation is a community-controlled not-for-profit organization with the mission to promote and assist free and open digital hardware design and their ecosystem. In this presentation you will learn about our goals and activities. More information:

Birds of a Feather Sessions

On Friday, March 24, we will hold “Birds of a Feather” sessions at TU Munich in room N2128. The idea is to have some more in-depth 60-minute discussions and gather your ideas and opinions. Based on the feedback we received so far about your interests we have the following sessions in mind:

9.00-10.00 Open Source ASICs (How can they happen? Challenges and opportunities)

10.00-11.00 RISC-V Foundation and the RISC-V standards evolution (Governance framework, privileged spec, debug spec)

11.00-12.00 RISC-V software ecosystem (State of the ecosystem, compiler customization)

12.00-13.00 RISC-V security

There will be sufficient time for discussions and coffee breaks, the timeframes are only a general guidance if you want to drop in for a specific topic.

Please get in touch with us if you have ideas for other sessions.

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