Foundation Projects

In the following you can find a list of our projects that we run or we are involved in.

Even though FOSSi communities are used to communicate over the internet, meeting in person from time to time to share ideas, learn, and dream up crazy things is very valuable. The FOSSi Foundation conferences are the prime venue in the free and open source silicon community for this kind of exchange.

Our oldest and largest conference is ORConf, the open source digital design conference. FOSSi Foundation organizes this conference yearly in September or October in varying places around Europe. It originally started as an OpenRISC user meeting in Stockholm in 2012 it has grown since considerably not only in attendance, but also in scope. Today, talks cover everything from RISC-V based CPU designs, to EDA tools, verification and testing, and other cool project our community comes up with.

In addition to ORConf, we organize various spin-off conferences in different places of the world. Examples include Latch-Up, or one-off events like the Week of Open Source Hardware (WOSH) in Zurich or FOSSistanbul (guess where).

cocotb is a COroutine based COsimulation TestBench environment for verifying VHDL/Verilog RTL using Python. cocotb is completely free, open source (under the BSD License) and hosted on GitHub).

The FOSSi Foundation ensures that the cocotb community can focus on improving cocotb by safeguarding cocotb assets (like domain names), handling finances, and helping out with maintaining cocotb.

LibreCores is a community hub for FOSSi. Centered around the theme of "sharing," LibreCores features documentation, ways for the communicate to interact, and most importantly, a project repository with free and open source digital hardware ("IP cores") and associated projects.

Embench is a Modern Embedded Benchmark Suite. Dhrystone and Coremark have been the defacto standard microcontroller benchmark suites for the last thirty years, but these benchmarks no longer reflect the needs of modern embedded systems. Embench was explicitly designed to meet the requirements of modern connected embedded systems. The benchmarks are relevant, portable, and well implemented.

Finding a suitable license for contributions in the open source world can sometimes be tricky. The FOSSi Foundation is actively involved in helping users choose licenses which suit their needs. We realize, that for some scenarios existing licenses are not sufficient. We are working with lawyers to extend existing licenses, or to create new one as necessary.

Join our efforts!

FOSSi Foundation is community-driven, we encourage all interested parties to join our efforts, or to suggests new areas where work is needed. Do not hesitate to contact us, you can find contact information at the organization and commitees page.

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